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At Galaxy Segway, we offer our unique tours and obstacle courses for Segways and remote control cars that give an absolutely thrilling experience. But before you come on tour with us, learn how to ride Segways from our efficient Segway tour guides in Indiana.

The Segway is ideal for creating and organizing entertaining events such as obstacle courses and tours. Clients, coworkers, and employees get a taste of the ultimate Segway lifestyle and driving style as part of a memorable event.

Incorporating Segway activities in between seminars can be a relaxing break for employees. It serves as an add-on for half-day events or as a great alternative to Segway outdoor tours on bad weather days. Our Segway tour guides in Indiana will give you exceptional training and teach you how to use the Segway. After that, you will drive through different elements on the obstacle course. The Segway tour guides in Indiana will accompany you throughout the course and will be available to answer any questions you may have. They ensure that the challenges at a Segway obstacle course are completed safely and that the guests are fully entertained.

Anyone can learn to ride a Segway in only 10–15 minutes with our Segway tour guides in Indiana. However, we always give a full safety briefing to our guests in our Segway riding skills training classes. Our dedicated Segway tour guides in Indiana always take the time to thoroughly explain everything. Galaxy Segway’s adventures are led by knowledgeable and experienced guides.

Each session includes comprehensive teaching, a safety lecture, and all equipment, so no prior experience is required. We provide participants with safety equipment, which they must wear and use. A helmet and a high-visibility jacket are provided as safety equipment. The Galaxy Segway guides are fully qualified to offer small and large Segway group trips after years of segwaying about and providing numerous trips.

Our Segway tour guides in Indiana are enthusiastic about the local area and the guest experience. Each of our team members is accredited, highly professional, has current first aid certificates, and is eager to impart their knowledge of the outback.

If you’re searching for unique team building activities that will relax and entertain your group and leave them with an experience they’ll never forget, then our Segway activities will surely meet your needs. Escape the office and treat your team to a company outing. Your group will be divided up as they participate in thrilling games, such as a Segway obstacle course, which is great for team development.

Your team will compete against each other in a little Segway tournament, controlling the Segway with their weight and slight twists and turns as you move it to your chosen venue. Our corporate programs have been meticulously crafted to emphasize motivation, communication, relationship building, and, most importantly, having a good time!

Our Segway obstacle course is conducted with a strong emphasis on cooperation and can benefit your employees in a variety of ways, as they are encouraged to cheer on their team while they compete in exciting yet hard activities.

The Segway tour guides in Indiana at Galaxy Segway taught thousands of people from all over the world how to ride a Segway. We are great at what we do! For more information about our Segway riding training programs, or Segway activities, contact Galaxy Segway today.