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Package #4

We can usually schedule a call within a day or two. Quick calls are 15 minutes if you have a good idea of which event you want, or up to 30 minutes if you’d like to explore more options.  After you choose an event, we’ll send a proposal via email with all the details laid out.

Our event proposals are straight forward and there is zero fine print. It’s just “here is the event, here is what it costs and here are a few basic terms of the agreement.” You can sign the proposal when you are ready to secure your reservation, and then we secure a deposit (50%) via credit card.  If you prefer to pay by ACH transfer, we accept these payments too.

We can usually schedule on short notice of at least 24 hours or at any future date. We have flexibility weekdays and full availability, weekends, so let us know what day and time works best for you.

On the day of your activity, we will greet you and your team with energy and excitement. Your event is run by an expert facilitator who will make sure everyone has a great time. For larger groups, we can reserve the center for a private experience. These event packages are priced for 3 hours. The actual experience depends on your event type, and typically involves two to four of our games and activities.