To facilitate The Ultimate Experience For Our Customers

Every event is special, and we do our part to make your event fun-filled and memorable.

At Galaxy Segway, we offer our unique outdoor tours and obstacle courses for Segways and remote control cars that give an absolutely thrilling experience.

At Galaxy Segway in Indiana, we offer social distancing activities at all of our events, customizing the fun to your specific requirements. We have a variety of activities available, including park tours, neighborhood group rides, and indoor obstacle courses. We can cooperate with your event planner and venue, or we can recommend venues that are Segway-friendly. Our guides will show you how to use our Segways.

Why not create a Segway event to stand out and provide a team-building experience that your guests will never forget? Galaxy Segway in Indiana brings your employees closer together in a fun, creative, and unforgettable way! We would be thrilled to organize and execute your event from beginning to end. We will plan every detail of your unique team-building event so that it is conducted to perfection. While your team enjoys a great time, the staff at Galaxy Segway in Indiana will create a completely unique program that fits your brand and event goals.

We provide a range of other activities at Galaxy Segway in Indiana to keep everyone entertained. Get a complete list of activities on the options tab of our website. It’s new, and a lot of fun!

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Our Packages

  • Package #1


    Includes Hostess
    3 Activities
    Snack & Drink

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  • Package #2


    Includes Same
    as Package #1
    Plus Pizza

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  • Package #3


    Includes Same
    as Package #2
    Plus Team Building

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  • Package #4


    Inquire About
    Our Corporate Pricing

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Our Latest

Pop-Up Events

We keep it interesting by doing weekend pop-up events in parks/parking lots.

Corporate Event

We for a partnership the corporate planning committee to find the perfect Segway Friendly event space.

Mall Event

We have been posted in the mall as an event for a three-month stent.

Parties Of All Kind

We assist with the planning as required (location / tables / chairs / activities / food / drink / décor etc.)

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  • We achieve our goals without compromising on quality
  • We reinvent ourselves to thrive during changing times
  • Ownership: set up, drive it, and deliver it
  • We collaborate, communicate, and we are accountable
  • We do what we say we’ll do

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